Video-Audio door phones, door intercoms and door bell systems installers in kenya done by Alltech Security Ltd taking Kenyans home to the the next security level.

These door phones come as set with a central video doorbell with a separate video monitor. We Install the video doorbell outside the front door of your home and one view an answer from the door from a distance point of view

Our products sensor transmits high quality images to the monitor and thanks to its infra-red technology, you’ll even have a clear view of who is standing at your door at night. You can have the ability of unlocking the door from a distance with just a click of a button and the monitor can give you a live view of your front door, greatly improving your house’s security.
The monitor is completely wireless and portable, meaning you can take this wireless monitor all around your house and yet still know who is at the door and if you want to let them Technology used include the following

• 2 Way Communication
• Night Vision
• Wireless Portable Monitor
• Touch Control

Produits Aiphone

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Protect your staff by giving them the advantage to safely confirm the identity of visitors and vendors before granting access. By using Aiphone products with crisp audio and clear, up-close video images, employees can see and hear who is requesting entry. Unlock the door without getting up


Office Communication

Locate and speak with employees in any part of the building. Page individuals or make emergency announcements using overhead paging systems or communicate between rooms with Aiphone intercoms. Connect multiple buildings for instant communication using an IP intercom.

sécurité interne

Internal Security

Control who enters secured rooms and/or floors of a building. Aiphone intercoms with built-in card access readers and access control keypads give those with proper credentials a convenient way to gain access. Allow entrance to individuals without proper credentials with the simple push of a button.


Parking & Garages

Monitor access points and allow visitors to speak with an attendant by placing video intercoms at stanchions and gate entrances. If an emergency occurs, connect elevators, stairwells, and other remote locations to someone at a security control center or concierge station.

zone de service

Service Areas

Answer calls from remote locations to determine if a visitor is legitimate. With video and voice monitoring intercom systems, employees can see and hear individuals requesting access into exposed loading docks, shipping bays, and delivery areas while avoiding face-to-face confrontations.