Fire Alarm Systems at Alltech Security Ltd

Fire Alarm Systems, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarm Control Panel, Heat Detector, Automatic Fire Detectors in Kenya Supplied and installed by Alltech Security Ltd (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect fire and warn people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. A combined system of fire fighting equipment and software that ensure your house is well protected in the unfortunate event of a fire. This is a product that warns you of impending fire break outs. They are installed in the areas that are most vulnerable to fire breakouts.

Fire alarm detection  is a system that aids in fire detection. It is very helpful because it directs you to the source of the fire.

Alltech Security offers a wide variety of fire system products to help you fight fire.

Fire fighting has been made much easier and more efficient by unique fire fighting products which include:

  • smoke detectors,
  • heat detectors,
  • automatic fire alarms
  • fire extinguishers

We, at Alltech Security are committed to offering you the very best Fire Alarm Systems.


Conventional Panels and Accessories – A wide range of two and four wire conventional fire alarm panels and accessories to suit various commercial and domestic applications available in Kenya (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi


Conventional Panels and Accessories

Large buildings require a central control panel to show staff and the fire brigade the location of a fire within the building if a fire is detected. Conventional alarm systems consist of the panel and a number of circuits (zones) on which fire detectors are located. The circuits are monitored and if any of the detectors trigger, the overall alarm will be raised and the particular zone will dispay on the panel.





Addressable Fire Alarm Systems – Intelligent addressable fire alarm panels and a wide range of detection devices and accessories from industry leading manufacturers available in Kenya. (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Rather than being limited to a general zone information (see conventional alarm system), addressable alarm systems can identify individual alarms and can therefore pinpoint the location of the fire or of any errors much better. A wider range of devices can be deployed.







Wireless Fire Alarm Systems provide the ultimate in speed and well installed by Alltech Security Ltd in Kenya. (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Control Panels for Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, supporting up to 100 virtual zones.

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detectors Smoke and Heat detectors for Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, including alternative bases.

Wireless Sounders and Beacons A selection of Sounders and Beacons designed for use with Wireless Fire Alarm Systems.

Wireless Manual Call Points – Wireless Manual Call Points allow building occupants to activate the Fire Alarm System without waiting for the Detectors


Infrared beam smoke detectors and Ultraviolet flame detectors for larger buildings. Ideal for factories and warehouses. Find them at Alltech Security Ltd in Kenya. (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi

Infrared and Ultraviolet Fire Detectors

Infrared and Ultraviolet flame detectors are used in areas where traditional smoke detectors would be prone to false alarms.

Infrared beam smoke detectors are used to provide “wide area” smoke detection. They are usually used in situations where it is impractical or not cost effective (due to wiring and maintenance costs) to use traditional point type detectors. Infrared beam detectors are also ideally suited for environments that experience temperature extremes or buildings with high ceilings or large open areas such as warehouses, hangers, shopping centres, airports, sports and leisure centres.



Our complete range of fire extinguishers including portable, wheeled and automatic units. All Alltech Security Ltd in Kenya. (+254) 020 4401624, 0722967544, 0733516965 Nairobi

All Fire Extinguishers

Alltech Security offers Fire extinguisher services  to keep your home safe from fire and to mitigate the damage caused by fire. We have made fire fighting in Kenya easier and more efficient, not forgetting warning you of impending danger.

The effects of fire can be very devastating to a family or company/business. With this in mind.

The systems can be attached to fire fighting agents and equipment. Hence as soon as the fire detector goes off an extinguishing agent is then automatically released to the identified fire source.

Fire Training – We now offer fire training services. This service is available to both individual and corporate groups. Learn how to handle fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers.