Biometric time attendance system

Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Systems installers in Kenya

Biometric time attendance systems installation use identification techniques to read finger prints or scan your eyes to unlock systems or doors.

With the current technology, biometrics have become very important in various places of work and even homes.

This system makes it possible to have as many users as possible without any difficulties in allowing the users to access the building or certain information.

Biometric time attendance systems installation is a very effective way of limiting access to information. This is because only authorized personnel are allowed to access the properties as they  will need to use either their eyes or fingers to gain entry, for instance a case of a vault that stores money in a shop, only the person who is authorized is allowed to open the vault.

Also, you don’t have to remember your password or pin code to gain entry, you just need to swipe your finger and the biometric finger scanner will recognize you.

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Advantages of Biometric Access Control

  1. High accuracy in keeping track of the employees attendance and also the number of people who visited
  2. Eliminates time theft
  3. Increases accountability from all employees
  4. Physical contact is not required contactless biometric time attendance systems
  5. User experience is convenient and fast

Disadvantages of Biometric Access Control

  1. It is costly
  2. Data breaches may occur for instance hacking
  3. False positives and inaccuracy