Electric Fences in Kenya


Electric fences in Kenya act as barrier to intruders and animals. Since they use electricity which causes shock, they form a very effective security system. We are the best electric fence installer, electric fencing company in Kenya.

At Alltech Security Ltd, we value your security and that’s why we are best electric fence installers in homes, business premises, schools and different organizations with perimeter fences or walls that are powered by live wires.

The electric fence works by electrocuting anything that comes into contact with the fence.

A direct electric shock will send any thieve or intruder away and thus end up protecting your property.

The electric fence is connected together with the camera and alarm system and so it triggers danger and alerts the authorities in these case the security company.

We offer the best service and provide you with top notch electric fences in Kenya. Please feel free to drop us a mail or contact us for more.

We deal in addition electrical fences Razor Wire Fences, Repair Electric Fence, Farm Electric Fence, Top Wall Electric Fence, Free Standing Electric Fence, Customized Electric Fence and Security Systems in East Africa region.

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