At Alltech Security Ltd, consultants can assist in identifying and assessing threats and security risks to your company and suggest the best solutions.

A Security Audit is used to assess whether your security and safety measures are effective and enforced. Depending on your requirements, we establish new audits, optimize existing audits or execute audits. Swiftly and consistently. Our streamlined procedures allow us to make benchmarks that compare different audits (e.g. from other moments and/or locations).glar

Alltech Security analyses your organization/environment and give you the best viable solution, for biometric systems, Surveilence cameras, cctv, fire rated doors, access control systems, car tracking, house burglary solutions, electric fencing, house and car alarms, fire alarms. X-Ray baggage scanners, metal detectors, perimeter security lights, spy cameras, anti-theft systems, automated, remote and electric gates, time attendance and finger print readers, fire extinguishers and computer anti-threat systems.