ACCESS control systems

Security system maintenance is critical in helping to ensure uninterrupted security systems operation.

We offer rapid response to security maintenance issues to help ensure minimal downtime of your security systems. Our highly specialized, local maintenance teams offer fast maintenance, repair and replacement of security systems, devices and components for intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, fire detection and security systems, allowing you to minimize security interruptions.

We offer telephone and web-based maintenance scheduling.

Maintenance of your installed equipment is essential to ensure your systems runs effectively and delivers optimum performance.

Having installed for instance an access control system surveillance cameras, it is vital that it functions correctly to ensure that only the people you want to have access and or monitor, make use of the equipment is easily working.

Why Choose Alltech Security Ltd for your Maintenance?

Appointing Alltech Security Ltd, to carry out maintenance on your security systems means, you will have peace of mind that your systems are in full working order. A maintenance contract is also cost-effective as regular inspection reduces the likelihood of a malfunction and the subsequent cost of spontaneous care.

Alltech Security ltd is fully equipped in:

  • Expert maintenance of all of your installed business security and life safety systems
  • Maintenance and repair services for commercial intrusion detection and burglar alarm systems
  • Access control system maintenance and repair
  • Video surveillance system and security camera maintenance
  • Maintenance and service of Fire Detection systems, Fire & Life Safety Systems and emergency systems.
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of cctv cameras, fire alarms, car alarms, house intruder burglar alarms, car tracking systems, fire doors, electric fences, automated electric gates, and biometric access systems.
  • Rapid maintenance service helps minimize unexpected interruptions.
  • Telephone and web-based scheduling.
  • Reliable service and fast response when it matters most.