X -Ray baggage scanner in Kenya,

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X-Ray baggage Scanner

Alltech Security  Ltd is the best supplier and installer of x ray baggage scanners in kenya. Alltech scanner are  in dual energy, compact X-ray system for space restricted installations. Dual energy imaging provides material discrimination with different atomic numbers so that screensaver can easily identify objects within the parcel.

Alltech kenya x-ray scanner is  equipped with a removable control panel to facilitate mobility.
our scanenr 515 offers a tunnel opening of 640mm (25.2 inches) wide by 430mm (16.9 inches) high.


Compact and versatile X-ray screening system with exceptional image quality and excellent detection capabilities. The 618XR is designed for rapid relocation and can be wheeled through narrow doorways, making it an excellent system for schools, hotels, convention centers and event-based security environments.

Like all systems in the 600 series family of X-ray scanning solutions, Alltech kenya scanners are  is built on a standardized platform that makes it easy to install and maintain, and comes with features such as dual-energy detection, a streamlined, ergonomic design.

Mail & Small Parcel X-rays

5335 Front Transparent


X-ray systems that are small and lightweight for mailrooms and other applications with small contraband.


Checkpoint Inspection

Checkpoint X-ray are perfect for courthouses, border patrol & more

Large Baggage & Freight

Large X-ray Scanners have increased tunnel sizes. Great for Cruise Screening, Airports, & More.


Cargo Screening

Cargo X-ray Scanners have the largest tunnel sizes. Great for Warehouses, pallet screening and freight.




X Rays: How Do They Work?

 Before we dive into how X-Ray machines work we need to take a step back and discuss the concept of vision in general. When you look at your spouse, child, or parent, you don’t see them per say, rather you see a series of lightwaves that the human eye can process, which take the form of your acquaintance. These lightwaves make up one part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In addition to visible light waves, the spectrum contains invisible waves such as, radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, and importantly X-Rays.

 X-Rays have peculiar properties such, when generated, then they can penetrate human tissue (unlike say, visual rays — if three people stand in a row, the back person cannot see the front person). However, X-Rays cannot penetrate human bones, and other matters. Therefore, when a human gets exposed to an X-Ray, the X-Ray (wave) will pass through his flesh, but not his bone, leaving a negative impression on the film.

 Bringing this home, an X-Ray doesn’t only penetrate human skin leaving a negative of the bone matter, but it can also penetrate other items — bags, computers, jackets etc leaving a negative of the items located inside those cases.

Modern Uses

 In an age of increased domestic and foreign terrorism, one of the most effective defenses remains the X-Ray machine, and its ability to check the inside of bags. An X-Ray machine offers a simple solution for security personnel to scan the interior of bags and other items.

Since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, threats against the United States and other nations have increased dramatically. These threats extend beyond the traditional targets — airports, political events, etc — and now threaten soft targets as well. These soft targets include areas that historically don’t have the same type of security presence as the locations mentioned. Schools and courthouses fit nicely into this category. A terrorist would love nothing more than to attack two institutions that make our country great — our judicial system and educational system — and to inflict both physical and psychological terror on our country as a whole.

Additionally, recent years have seen a marked rise in attacks at schools. The perpetrators of these crimes didn’t have an ideological motivation, but rather suffered from extreme psychological disorders. Everyone agrees education remains a top priority for our nation, and therefore we must make every effort to protect our students. If students feel at risk when they come to school, they cannot perform to their highest level, and the country will suffer as a result.

Like our school system, our court system faces risk beyond the risk of a terror attack. People who come to court have a lot at stake — their own or a family member’s freedom, their own or a family members property. A court can remove your liberty or your property. In such instances tensions run high, and someone could react violently, endangering everyone in the courtroom building. You must neutralize this threat. A metal detector provides a necessary, but not sufficient, means of protection, and a serious security operation needs X-Ray capability.

Having these machines at a school, courthouse, or airport accomplishes two very important goals. Firstly, as mentioned, all will feel safe and secure knowing that no dangerous people or items made their way into your facility. Secondly, you, as the one responsible for the school, courthouse, airport, etc. can totally focus on providing services for those using your facilities.

 Lastly, sports events have become more and more high profile. These events afford an attacker with not only the ability to inflict harm on many people, but also to have it broadcast to a large audience. Today even smaller sporting events stream their events online, and we know that beyond inflicting pain, mentally disturbed people also wish to broadcast their views to as wide of an audience as possible. All organizers of sporting events must take this important element into consideration when planning a sporting event, and make the necessary security precautions.

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