Security Equipment Supply & Installations

Alarm systems in Kenya come in handy due to a lot of insecurity.Alltech security offers different types of alarm systems to cater all your security needs.We do installations and sales different types of alarm systems.

Maintenance & Support

Access control systems enable you to control access to certain areas and resources in your perimeter or physical locaton. This is done by complex computer systems that control the sytem.

CCTV Camera Installers in Kenya

The importance of having CCTV systems in Kenya can never be overemphasized. There have been many instances covered by the media where CCTV surveillance helped in investigations of different criminal and disastrous incidences.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric systems come in different groups which all play a role to secure your systems or premises by means of finger verification or sight.

Car Tracking

There are many benefits as to why an individual or company needs to install car tracking devices. However, car tracking in Kenya is a field that has already had its share of controversies.

Electric Fence Kenya

Electric fences act as barrier to intruders and animals.Since they use electricity which causes shock, they form a very effective security system.